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Luxurious Gift Wear

 | Flannel Lounge Wear | Circle Cape | 
 | Flannel Bed Jacket | Gown | Pink Nightie |
 | Pants & Shorts | Concealor | Caldwell Jacket | 
 | Satin Pillow Case | Fleece Robe | 
 | Body Lickers | 

Flannel Lounge Wear

WeberWEAR Flannel Lounge Wear

This lovely duo takes relaxing into an art form. The double flannel jacket is loosely fit for comfort after a long day. The satin trip collar and pockets add texture without color. Best of all this year, we have added the matching flannel pants with a 1inch, heat resistant elastic band. This elegant duo will make your nights something to look forward to! Lounge Wear is available in creme or pink flannel. [Machine Washable.]

Sizes: Small, One Size Fits Many, 2X-Large

C600 Double flannel jacket ($47.99)

C610 2XL Double flannel jacket ($50.99)

C700 Flannel pants /elastic waistband ($34.99)

C710 2XL Flannel pants /elastic waistband ($37.00)

Back Circle Cape

WeberWEAR Black Circle Cape Front

So versitile and so comfortable our new black, medium weight cape is great in many situations. It can be worn with a black cocktail dress, business suits, in the office when you are cold, or just for lounging with jeans. The gold buttons on the Mandarin collar add that classic extra. [Machine Washable.]

WeberWEAR Black Circle Cape Back

Sizes: One Size Fits Most

AE32B Black circle cape/ one size ($44.99)

Flannel Bed Jacket

WeberWEAR Flannel Bed Jacket

Enjoy a cozy warm but light weight bed jacket that is made with two thicknesses of flannel plus a satin trim for elegance. Sleep the night away or read a book in bed in comfort. The flannel Bed Jacket is available in pink and ivory. [Machine Washable.]

Sizes: X-Small, One Size Fits Most, XX-Large

F600 Flannel Bed Jacket ($47.99)

F610 2XL Flannel Bed Jacket ($50.99)


WeberWEAR Pink Nightie Front WeberWEAR Pink Nightie Back

Our luxurious soft pastel pink knit nightie features a full back wrap closure, long sleeves, and a satin trimmed jewel neckline. Easy to put on, this cotton blend interlocken knit nightie is a favorite with many women. Snap closures (100% plastic) are located on one shoulder and hip. [Machine Washable.]

Sizes: X-Small, One Size Fits Most, XX-Large

MD8 Pink Nightie ($47)


WeberWEAR Gown

You'll feel at home in this stylish garment. The hidden velcro closures are located on shoulders and sleeves, and the back tab closure provides maximum coverage. Our multi-purpose pocket has an inside opening. You can use it with a portable heart monitor or just to store your glasses or a tissue. [Machine Washable.]

Sizes: X-Small, One Size Fits Most, XX-Large

G101 Short Gown - Royal Blue Polyester ($30.99)
G500 Long Gown - Royal Blue Polyester ($36.99)

Pants &Shorts

WeberWEAR Pants and Shorts

These are a must-have for the person who wants to be discreet! Easy to use hidden velcro closures are located down the outseams of the pants and shorts. Both items can even be used by persons with leg casts, knee braces and catheters! Pants have loose elastic at the ankle.  [Machine Washable.]

Sizes: X-Small, One Size Fits Most, XX-Large

A100 Pants - Light Grey Cotton Blend ($50.99)
C100 Pants - Black, Charcoal, Light Grey, and Buff Flannel ($50.99)
S405 Shorts - Royal Blue Polyester ($44.99)
T502 Shorts - Light Grey ($44.99)


WeberWEAR Concealor

This long, sleeveless, vest-like robe provides full back and side coverage. Wear over our gown for a casual, sophisticated look. The hidden velcro closures allow both shoulders to open fully. This is especially helpful for patients with limited mobility. [Machine Washable.]

Sizes: X-Small, One Size Fits Most, XX-Large

C615 Solid Concealor - Royal Blue Polyester ($34.99)
C795 Printed Concealor - Printed Rayon ($46.99)

Elizabeth Caldwell Jacket

WeberWEAR Elizabeth Caldwell Jacket

Stay warm in this attractive 55/45 cotton blend jacket. Enjoy the rich waffle-weave texture and the clean, simple lines that go with everything! Opens fully down the front. The hidden velcro closures are located on both shoulders and sleeves. [Machine Washable.] Also available in 4 ounce snuggly fleece.

Sizes: X-Small, One Size Fits Most, XX-Large

J250A X-Small Bed Jacket - White Waffle Weave ($54.99)

J250 Bed Jacket - White Waffle Weave ($59.99)

J250B 2XL Bed Jacket - White Waffle Weave ($59.99)

Satin Pillow Case

WeberWEAR Satin Pillow Case - 1 WeberWEAR Satin Pillow Case - 2

A perfect gift for everyone! Sail smoothly into a wonderful night of sleep on our luxurious satin pillow case. Machine washable and dryable.

S1 Satin Pillow Case ($19.99)

Fleece Robe

WeberWEAR Fleece Robe

Feminine, warm, snuggly as well as a classic style makes this a good choice for any women's center or other institutional setting. The 4 ounce fleece robe is easily washed and dried in the laundry. Also available with optional snap sleeve openings. Colors available are ocean blue, classic gray, and traditional teal. [Monogramming available, prices vary.]

Sizes: X-Small, One Size Fits Most, XX-Large

JP30 Women's Fleece Robe ($64.99)

JP31 XXL Women's Fleece Robe ($69.99)

Body Lickers

WeberWEAR Body Lickers

You can not imagine how much fun these body lickers are! Just moisten the very soft valour terry cloth with warm water and "lick" any place that needs freshening. The smaller size prevents dripping and creates a very fresh feeling. Give your-self a "lick and a promise"!

Size: Approximate size is 6.5 inches x 7 inches

BL1 Body Lickers (5 for $13.99)

BL2 Body Lickers (1 week's supply) (8 for $17.99)

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